PT Sucofindo Cabang Jakarta

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PT Sucofindo Cabang Jakarta

1. Junior Drilling Engineer (Experience: 1 Year)
2. Senior Drilling Engineer (Experience: 10 Years, 7 Years in deepwater)
3. Completion Engineer (Experience: 5 Years, 3 Years in deepwater)
4. Senior Completion Engineer (Experience: 8 Years, 5 Years in deepwater)
5. Logistic Offshore Coordinator (Experience: 5 Years)
6. DAY Drilling Supervisors (National/Expatriate) (Experience: 10 Years, 7 Years in deepwater)
7. NIGHT Drilling Supervisors (National/Expatriate) (Experience: 5 Years, 3 Years in deepwater)

Requirement :
1. Five (5) years experience in auditing, surveillance and inspection. Familiar with the latest edition of the following international codes and standards, but not limited to:
API 5CT (ISO 11960), API 5L, API RP 5A, API 5B, API RP 5B1, API RP 5C5, API RP 7G, API 5D, API RP 7L, API 14A (ISO 10423: 2001), API RP 14B API RP 14C, NACE MR-01-75, ISO 10422, NAS 1638 Cleanliness Requirements of parts used in Hydraulic Systems, and T.H.Hill DS-1, third edition

2. Have experience and knowledge to perform Third Party Inspections and QA Audits on Drilling Equipments.

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